LGBT Communications and Marketing

For many years, the gay and lesbian market was hidden from the mainstream. But today this increasingly visible and high-profile demographic is being courted by the corporate world like never before.

Too often, however, companies decide to “dip their toe” in the LGBT market with one or two standalone communications or marketing tactics. A single ad in a gay magazine or a once-a-year booth at the local Gay Pride festival will not generate widespread visibility or brand recognition in the increasingly competitive LGBT market.

The most successful companies approach the gay and lesbian market multi-dimensionally with broad and integrated marketing communications campaigns that leverage a variety of strategies. These may include regularly advertising in local and national gay magazines with market-specific ads, images and copy; leveraging public relations and developing strong relationships with LGBT media; participating in LGBT-focused trade shows and events; taking advantage of targeted direct mail and marketing; and supporting causes and organizations important to the LGBT community.

OutThink Partners is proudly gay-owned and operated.  We know the gay and lesbian market and we help our clients develop targeted, strategic LGBT outreach programs that get results.




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